geography games for classrooms and interactive whiteboards

Geography games for interactive whiteboards

From flags to capital cities, geography is one of the most visual topics. There are many fantastic quizzes and geography games designed to enhance learning for students of all ages. […]

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team building in the classroom

8 Classroom Team-Building Activities

A teacher needs to build strong relationships within the classroom. Building teamwork skills and trust can create a healthy learning environment for all students. Team-building exercises are so important and […]

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group of students in the classroom including neurodiverse students

Neurodiversity In The Classroom: Tips For Teachers

The words neurodivergent and neurodiversity are relatively new to the classroom but hearing them is becoming increasingly common. First coined in the 1990s, neurodivergent is a catch-all term that includes […]

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Tottington Primary School

Tottington Primary School

In the first of our two Tottington Primary School stories, Steven Groutage, Assistant Headteacher tells us how the school utilises their ActivPanels in their classrooms to deliver lesson content. Steven […]

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students working on phonics lessons in the classroom on tablets

10 Interactive Whiteboard Games For Phonics Lessons

Making learning fun in the classroom is vital. It helps engage students who may be less keen to get involved. Mixing things up can offer a welcome relief from boring […]

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students using an interactive whiteboard for their English lesson in the classroom

12 Interactive Whiteboard Apps For English

Improving a child’s native language or helping them learn a new language needn’t be difficult – yet it often is. Thanks to the vast array of educational apps out there, […]

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ActivPanel marks a new era of support for Northern Ireland’s veterans

ActivPanel marks a new era of support for Northern Ireland’s veterans

The story of AA Veterans Support is one of courage, hope, and, of course, charity. This special Northern Ireland not-for-profit offers a multitude of support services to anyone who has […]

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teacher using a math app on an interactive whiteboard in the classroom

13 Interactive whiteboard apps for maths lessons

Maths is a very visual, and oftentimes complicated subject.  These 13 interactive whiteboard apps for students make learning easy, engaging, and fun. Using all the best methods and tools, such […]

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students and teacher using a science app in the classroom

Seven interactive whiteboard apps for science classrooms

Interactive displays level up your classroom. That goes without saying most of the time, but it’s good to be reminded occasionally. If you’ve invested in an interactive display or interactive […]

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KS1/ KS2 Science Classroom with teacher and students studying electricity

The best classroom science quizzes for students

As a subject, few explore quite the same breadth of topics as science. Not only does it make up three individual disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, but each of […]

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KS3/ KS4 English Classroom

The best English quizzes for interactive displays

While a quiz may not be the first thing you think of when teaching English, it can be an excellent tool to help reinforce new concepts, simplify the complexities of […]

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teacher using an interactive display in the classroom

The classroom guide to interactive whiteboards

An interactive whiteboard is this generation’s take on traditional whiteboards. Also known as digital whiteboards or smart whiteboards, these interactive displays are used in various classroom and educational settings to […]

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students taking a quiz using an interactive whiteboard

The best classroom quiz games and apps for your interactive whiteboard

Teachers are always looking for creative ways to engage with students, improve their understanding of a subject and make learning fun. One of the best ways to do this is […]

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maths classroom quiz with students engaged

The best math quizzes for students – perfect for interactive displays

A quiz is an excellent way to help your students learn and revise core elements of maths. Firing out questions using an engaging quiz can help them learn the complexities […]

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classroom maths games

Maths games for key stage 3 (KS3)

Maths is one of the most essential subjects that students learn and, at Key Stage 3, it gets a little more complicated. Students will take the foundations built in KS2 […]

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KS3 English classroom reading literature

English games for KS3

Key Stage 3 is when many children improve upon their existing critical thinking skills and other English knowledge they gained during Key Stage 2. At 11-14 years old, children are […]

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KS3 chemistry classroom

Science games for Key Stage 3 (KS3)

Key Stage 3 is when many subjects open up into whole new worlds. Science, in particular, is something that takes on a whole new lease of life at KS3. Not […]

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KS2 students playing an English game in the classroom

English games for KS2 students

As one of the core subjects for Key Stage Two, and one that will stay with students throughout their academic life, English lessons provide the foundation for their understanding and […]

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two KS2 students play a science game in the classroom

Science games for Key Stage Two (KS2)

Science makes up an exciting part of Key Stage Two. Not only is this a time of discovery for very young children, but early science lessons are full of fun […]

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student and teacher playing a classroom math game

Maths games for Key Stage Two (KS2)

Developing maths skills is a vital part of the KS2 curriculum. Learning how to understand numbers and solve problems develops valuable skills that children will use for the rest of […]

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children with different learning styles

How interactive whiteboards can help with different learning styles

Every student is different.  The way they engage, create, absorb information and, fundamentally, learn is one of the main things that sets students apart from one another in the classroom. […]

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using an interactive whiteboard in the classroom

How to use an interactive whiteboard in the classroom

During the 1990’s educators and instructional gurus knew that as the 21st century approached, technology was becoming more accessible to our students in their day-to-day activities. As we entered the […]

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classroom english games for every age group

Classroom English Games for Every Age Group

The lessons you learn in English are constantly applied, both in and outside of school. Students will develop their critical thinking skills in addition to developing their mastery of the […]

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classroom science games for every age group

Classroom Science Games for Every Age Group

Science is one of the few subjects which will be a constant throughout a child’s school life – from learning the basics about plants and animals in KS1, through to […]

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