ActivPanel® Elements Series

Purposefully Designed for the Classroom

The new ActivPanel Elements series continues Promethean’s 20+ year tradition of developing purpose-built products that are designed by teachers, for teachers.

Thoughtfully crafted from the ground up, the ActivPanel Elements series interactive displays for schools are based on extensive user research to deliver innovation and ease-of-use that matters to teachers and students, as well as the security and manageability trusted by IT professionals and administrators.

ActivPanel Nickel

All the Essentials, All-In-One, and Value Focused

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ActivPanel Cobalt

Our connected 65″ interactive display for the contemporary classroom.

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ActivPanel Titanium

Our Most Powerful,
Teacher-Friendly Classroom Solution

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A Seamless and Simplified User Experience

The ActivPanel Elements series delivers a revolutionary new user interface that places all of the most commonly used tools right at teachers’ fingertips and within natural line of sight. This Unified Menu is always accessible and allows teachers to move seamlessly between content and resources without disrupting the flow of lessons.

Within the Unified Menu, the Locker provides teachers with one place to go for all their favorite apps, tools, and files, saving time and making teaching with technology easier.


Easily Mirror Work and Share with the Classroom

The ActivPanel Elements series controlled, multi-device mirroring lets teachers move freely and teach from anywhere in the classroom. During a lesson, the teacher can interact with mirrored screens directly from the panel, increasing student collaboration and participation.

  • Wirelessly share up to four devices screens at once
  • Teachers can interact with shared screens directly from the ActivPanel
  • Easily connect using a six-digit code
  • Robust teacher controls for enhanced security

Award-Winning Lesson Delivery Software

Deliver engaging, interactive lessons using your choice of Promethean’s award-winning educational software solutions. ClassFlow® and ActivInspire® are created and supported by Promethean, designed by teachers for teachers, and included with the purchase of the ActivPanel Elements series with no annual subscription required.

Known and loved by educators around the world, ActivInspire provides a vast suite of tools to create and deliver dynamic lessons.

The cloud-based lesson delivery software that provides advanced collaboration tools with anytime, anywhere access.

Save Time and Resources for Technology Administrators

Promethean Panel Management provides school IT administrators with one place to go to manage all ActivPanel Elements series interactive displays within their organisations. Easily deploy remote over-the-air updates, enrol new panels, set permissions, and more!

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Innovation That’s Trusted by Administrators, IT Directors, and Technology Specialists

The Elements series teacher-centric design reduces learning curves and encourages user adoption.

Enhanced over-the-air updates reduce the time and effort needed to make software and firmware updates.

Subscription free access to our award-winning lesson delivery software, ActivInspire and ClassFlow, is included.

Individual user profiles on each panel ensure that teachers’ credentials, files, and browser data remain secure.

The Elements series has a long lifespan with no dimming projectors or bulbs that need replacing.

Promethean software, apps, and platform services are designed for ongoing enhancements.

Model Comparison

ActivPanel Nickel

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ActivPanel Cobalt

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ActivPanel Titanium

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Display Available Sizes 65” 4K, 75” 4K, 86” 4K 65”4K 70”4K, 75” 4K, 86”4K
Interactivity Unified Menu Experience
Vellum™ Writing Technology
Simultaneous Touch Points 15 20 20
Pen and Touch Differentiation
Simultaneous Pen, Touch, & Erase
Palm Detection (Event) Reject Erase or Reject Erase or Reject
Multi-Window Support
Computing Operating System Android 8 Android 8 Android 8
RAM / Storage 2 GB / 16GB 3GB / 32GB 4GB / 64GB
Promethean Chromebox Optional Optional Optional
Windows Module: OPS-M Optional Optional Optional
ActivConnect: OPS-G Optional Included Included
Panel Software Management Promethean Panel Management Promethean Panel Management Promethean Panel Management
Remote Over-the-Air Updates
Cloud Storage Access  Google Drive / OneDrive  Google Drive / OneDrive Google Drive / OneDrive
Connectivity LAN 10/100 Mbps 10/100 Mbps 10/100/1000 Mbps
Mirroring / Screen Sharing
Usability Ergonomic Angled Centre Console
Easy Access Front Ports
Front Facing Speakers 2 x 15 W 2 x 15W

Bass Enhanced

70″ 4K: 2 x15 Watts

75″ 4K: 2 x15 Watts

86″ 4K: 2 x 20 Watts

Proximity Sensors
Classroom Essential Apps (Whiteboard, Annotate, Spinner, Timer)
Promethean Lesson Delivery Software Included Included Included
How to Buy
How to Buy
How to Buy

ActivPanel Elements Series: FAQs on Interactive Displays for Education

A: For over 20 years, Promethean has been dedicated to education. We introduced the world’s first interactive whiteboard for the classroom and the ActivPanel Elements series continues our tradition of developing purposefully designed products that are designed by teachers for teachers. The ActivPanel Elements series interactive displays are created specifically for the classroom and are based on extensive user research to deliver the ease-of-use that matters to teachers and students, as well as the security and manageability trusted by IT professionals and K-12 administrators.

A: Older generations of interactive boards for classrooms relied on projector-based technology. These projector systems would often periodic maintenance to replace bulbs, filters, and even the projector itself. Today’s interactive displays for education are based on LED technology and therefore, are practically maintenance free and have much longer lifespans than older projector-based systems.

A: The ActivPanel Elements series utilizes a customized version of the Android 8 operating system, providing a greater level of speed, reliability, and security. It allows for enhanced over-the-air updates that save time and provides an open, extensible interactive display platform for easy integration in any school technology environment.

A: Designed specifically for education, the Promethean developed Whiteboard App is included on the ActivPanel Elements series. The intuitive Whiteboard App combines the best interactive display writing and drawing experiences together with an easy to use platform so teachers can get started instantly with no training required.

A: In addition to the interactive Whiteboard App, a variety of Promethean Classroom Essential apps are included with the ActivPanel Elements series interactive display. The Annotation App allows teachers to write over any content at any time, regardless of the connected source. Teachers can also use the Screen Capture App to capture an image, crop, and import into the Whiteboard app. The ActivCast App provides the ability to collaborate from anywhere in the classroom by mirroring up to four devices to the ActivPanel Elements series at once. The customizable Spinner and Timer Apps add excitement to any classroom interactive display lessons activities.

A: Teachers have the ability to connect their computers to the ActivPanel Elements series interactive display in order to display their computer-based lessons using interactive whiteboard software, or presentations. Connecting a computer is not required in order to utilize the interactive panel. Because the ActivPanel Elements series is preloaded with Classroom Essential Apps, such as the interactive Whiteboard, and teachers can access curated educational apps from the Promethean store, the ActivPanel Elements series can be used to deliver lessons with all the preloaded educational tools simply by plugging in the power cord.

A: Controlled, multi-device mirroring lets teachers move freely and teach from anywhere in the classroom. During a lesson, the teacher can interact with shared screens directly from the ActivPanel, increasing student collaboration and participation.

A: The free teaching resources in the new Promethean Store can be accessed via the Unified Menu and offers an education focused app marketplace experience, making it simple for teachers to discover and install a wide-range of curated third-party Android apps directly onto the ActivPanel Element series interactive displays. Furthermore, additional devices such as the Promethean Chromebox or ActivConnect can optionally be purchased and connected to the Elements series interactive displays. These devices can be used to access and download Android apps from the Google Play store.

A: In addition to the apps delivered with the ActivPanel, all models in the Elements series include a single user license for ActivInspire Professional Edition, the original interactive whiteboard software. Designed specifically for use on classroom interactive displays, ActivInspire is a classroom lesson creation and delivery software that has been downloaded by teachers over 2 million times. Users can also create free accounts on ClassFlow, Promethean’s cloud-based lesson creation and delivery software, which has over 3 million registered users.

A: Internet connectivity is not required to use the interactive displays, however, the only preloaded app that requires an internet connection to function correctly is the web browser.

A: Promethean offers a range of intelligent and flexible computing options so schools can choose the interactive display operating system that works best for their IT ecosystem. The Promethean OPS-M is an optional Windows® computing module that creates an all-in-one, large format Windows experience on the ActivPanel Elements series.

A: Promethean is committed to continuously improving our interactive display experience. Regular software releases for the Elements series may include new functionality, OS and firmware updates, security updates, and other improvements. Promethean will notify users when an update is available, and the updates can be downloaded over the internet (over-the-air) or be applied manually via a USB drive.