The ActivPanel is an investment in our children’s future

Whalley Church of England Primary has been a centre of excellence as an education provider for over 150 years. The school has a deep-rooted heritage which it prides itself on, it is contemporary and forward thinking in the way that it believes technology is a key enabler to the success of the next generation in education and thereafter the world of work.

In 2011, interactive whiteboards were fitted across the school, over time they have become redundant due to the failing systems. Front of class technology has developed significantly in recent years, so Headteacher Richard Blackburn acknowledged that the school’s interactive boards were no longer fit for purpose. In an effort to update the school’s front of class technology, Richard wanted to use the DfE capital funding that the school receives each year to help develop the school. Richard had a vision to utilise the funding to enhance the children’s learning opportunities by giving them access to the very best edtech.

The school initially purchased 2 ActivPanels for its early years classrooms. They proved extremely useful in engaging the pupils in their lessons with the wide range of activities and learning resources available. The rest of the teachers in the school quickly took an interest in the ActivPanels and realised how they could utilise one in their own lessons to foster more interactivity and engagement. Staff were amazed by how user friendly the interface and software on the ActivPanel is.

With the availability of funding and an enthusiasm from teachers, it was clear that it would be a worthwhile investment to begin purchasing ActivPanels for the remaining classrooms as part of a school-wide technology upgrade initiative. The decision was made to purchase a further six ActivPanels, this time in the 70” version.

All of the ActivPanels were installed by the Promethean partner as part of a package. The installation process was professional and efficient, the panels were installed in one day with minimum disruption to teaching schedules. Importantly, the school was given the flexibility to be able to choose a day that was convenient for them.

*Promethean Partner was LEB Partnership

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