Promethean rinde un homenaje a la «pasión por aprender» en Bett 2019

Published: febrero 8th, 2019

Promethean pays homage to the «passion for learning» at Bett 2019

Through the two exhibitors in the main hall and the exclusive sessions of the Platinum Suite, Bett visitors were able to enjoy the knowledge and experiences of Promethean, focused on directing and improving the implementation of effective strategies to apply the curriculum. and increase the level.

«Educators come to Bett to find out how to make the most of current educational technology, but also look for a vision of the future, in this sense, we show them how our solutions will evolve in line with the comments of the teachers and, at the same time, reassure to our customers by ensuring that their current investments will meet their needs for a long time, «explains Ian Curtis, responsible for markets for EMEA and Asia Pacific at Promethean.

One of the speakers in the main hall offered a series of ongoing seminars led by UK professors, international educators and guest lecturers who presented concrete cases and demonstrated good practices for imparting lessons through ActivPanel.

In the Platinum Suite, the guests witnessed the possible evolution of technology in the classroom in the coming years. The conceptualization of the product was simultaneó with a program of presentations of intellectual leadership in which topics such as artificial intelligence, identity and future of learning, learning based on the game and the mind of the learner were examined. Dr. John Collick, Promethean’s educational strategist, was in charge of leading these sessions to invite reflection, which stimulated discussion and debate on the evolving role of technology in education and in society in general.

Promethean fue nombrada empresa del año (con una facturación de más de 3 millones de libras) el cuarto día del evento, en los Bett Awards 2019, una ceremonia anual que premia la creatividad y la innovación en el sector de la tecnología educativa.

El hecho de haber sobresalido en esta codiciada categoría demuestra el éxito de Promethean a lo largo del último año, a pesar de unos recortes presupuestarios en la educación sin precedentes. El desempeño de Promethean en esta categoría refleja su compromiso con la educación y la innovación, que le ha llevado a invertir de forma continua en el desarrollo de soluciones de tecnología educativa líderes en el mercado.

Ian commented: «Given our long history in the educational technology market, we have witnessed many changes in education over the years and have worked hard to ensure the development of our solutions and continue to respond to the needs of We are very proud that we have been recognized as the company of the year at the 2019 Bett Awards, as this shows that Promethean as a brand means much more than market-leading technology development, it is good evidence of our pedigree in education. in general and the continuous commitment to improve standards and opportunities in a critical sector «.