As part of a wider strategy to support students learning at home, the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE) has launched a broadcast education programme which is seeing teachers use the Promethean ActivPanel with ActivInspire® software, to deliver lessons across all curriculum subjects for Grade 9 and 12 students.

Following the unexpected school closures, the MEHE rapidly devised a plan to ensure learning continuity for all students, which included offline resources and the broadcast of lessons on national television.

With Promethean interactive whiteboards widely used in schools throughout the country, teachers were already confident in using the company’s interactive software, ActivInspire, to prepare and deliver lessons. Recognising that traditional interactive whiteboards would not provide the on-screen clarity needed for broadcast quality, the MEHE found a more modern solution with the ActivPanel Elements Series and worked with local Promethean partner, Interactive Education Technology (IET) on implementation.

As compared with a projector-based set up which requires bulb replacements and dimmed lights to aid viewing, the ActivPanel is an advanced interactive flat panel display which provides excellent display definition and no shadowing or on-screen reflection. From a broadcasting perspective, this made the ActivPanel a practical solution for filming in a brightly lit television studio. However, the MEHE’s decision to choose the ActivPanel for this application was underpinned by wider pedagogical considerations.

Dr. Albert Chamoun, Media Advisor, MEHE, explained: “As is true for every education ministry around the world right now, minimising disruption to learning and providing teachers with effective support are our main priorities. Prior to the crisis, we had already started to implement a training programme with Promethean and IET, that aimed to equip our teachers with the confidence and skills to use technology effectively in the classroom.

“As ActivInspire is common across all Promethean products, it was a very easy and seamless transition for our teachers to move from using the interactive whiteboard to the ActivPanel. We have been very impressed with the quality of the on-screen content and the technology has helped us to continue delivering lessons which engage students – even when they are at home.”

While the initial driver behind the technology adoption was screen clarity, teachers participating in the broadcast schedule are already exploring new functionalities that the ActivPanel provides access to.

Rabih Baalbaki, Digital Transformation Strategist Leader, IET, commented: “Unlike interactive whiteboards, which are essentially a peripheral display device, the ActivPanel is a connected hub of the modern classroom. For example, we’ve shown the teachers how to download free educational resources as well as connect third party devices such as a camera – all of which further enhance interest and engagement.”

Alongside the broadcast programme, the Centre of Education for Research and Development (CERD) is launching a content platform that will enable teachers to share lesson resources. This will include ActivInspire flipcharts in Arabic and English, across all subjects. These can then be freely used by any teachers who already have a Promethean hardware solution.