An important resource for enabling effective teaching and learning in the classroom, education technology has long been used to bolster student engagement. More so, over the last few months, it has been fundamental to keep communication and learning moving wherever it needed to take place.

By taking advantage of existing technological provisions, schools can find ways to embrace both digital and distance techniques to be ready to adapt quickly to changes in lesson delivery.

 Meeting the needs of the current classroom

Each school should consider whether their current technology provisions can support such rapid changes in the classroom dynamic. Interactive whiteboards and projectors, for example, are very much classroom based tools and cannot effectively support students if they have to learn from home. However, interactive flat panel displays can support teachers and students in distance learning settings by giving teachers access to screen-sharing functionality and remote-access tools.

The Promethean ActivPanel is able to facilitate connectivity and collaboration even if some students are required to stay at home. Utilising the ScreenShare app and videoconferencing solutions, students can participate in group activities remotely and lesson delivery can continue as close to normal as possible.

Demonstrating potential

Technology has long been used within the classroom environment to bolster student engagement and participation but exploring the potential of new tools that enhance the learning space is imperative.

Recognising the need to ensure schools have the freedom to make upgrade decisions safely, Promethean has expanded its demonstration programme to offer a solution that will work for them.

The virtual demonstration programme will be tailored to a school’s particular needs, allowing them to evaluate the potential of the ActivPanel at a time that suits them. Giving schools increased flexibility, confidence and choice when it comes to technological upgrades, it is now easier than ever to measure how the ActivPanel could enhance the classroom environment.

Education technology solutions are an investment to support the future of curriculum delivery and learning continuity. If you’d like to learn more about using the ActivPanel to support students in the classroom and beyond, please visit this page.