ActivPanel Mobile Stands and Wall Mounts

The ActivPanel modern, sleek design will fit perfectly in your classroom whether mounted on a wall or mobile stand.

Versatile Mobile Stands

Enjoy the convenience of moving the ActivPanel to any space where teachers wish to create collaborative learning environments. ActivPanel mobile stands provide the flexibility to move from classroom to classroom, or anywhere throughout your school.

Height-Adjustable Stands

Easily adjust the ActivPanel to the perfect height with just a light touch. Promethean height-adjustable stands and mounts are based on a unique spring system with no need for extra power requirements.

Reliable, Long-Term Use

All ActivPanel stands and mounts are durable and maintenance-free with no cords or electric connection necessary. A comprehensive standard warranty is included to ensure your classroom technology investment is secure.

Height-Adjustable Mobile Stand

Designed for all ActivPanel models under 86”, the Height-Adjustable Mobile Stand makes classroom mobility smooth and effortless. Utilising revolutionary spring tension technology, the Height-Adjustable Mobile Stand provides safe and easy high-low adjustment with just a light touch.

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Fixed-Height Mobile Stand

The Fixed Height Mobile Stand allows the ActivPanel to be easily moved throughout the classroom or school to provide the ideal viewing experience. It is compatible with all ActivPanel interactive display sizes.

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Height-Adjustable Wall Mount

Compatible with all ActivPanel interactive displays, the user-friendly Height-Adjustable Wall Mount can be quickly and safely adjusted at any time based on the needs of the lesson. An optional floor support eliminates the need for costly wall reinforcements.

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Fixed Wall Mount

Promethean includes a Fixed-Height Wall Mount with the purchase of an ActivPanel interactive display.* It is compatible with all ActivPanel sizes.

*Varies by region