Promethean’s new 2019/20 Australia State of Technology report provides a comprehensive view of current classroom technologies, adoption, usage, and the trends that may shape the education industry over the next five years.

Use of edtech

90% of educators believe that technology should be present in education, as it is now integral to everyday life

Barriers to success

Lack of training is a significant barrier to technology uptake


Over 95% of SMT members said that budget is a key consideration when devising overall school strategy

What educators are saying

“Teachers will have to invest a lot more time to master the skills, knowledge and competencies in order to keep up.”
Deputy Principal
“[Education technology] will allow us to develop more hands-on and engaging lessons where students can be in control of their own learning.”
Classroom Teacher
“Far too much money is being squandered on technology that is complex, unreliable and under-utilised.”

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