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Why you should experiment with Project-based learning

The skills that we need to equip students with are changing, along with the world around them. So, teaching needs to evolve […]


5 ways to gamify your classroom and keep students motivated

Gamification is all about introducing elements of game design to non-game scenarios, such as the classroom. Applying the principles of game design […]


Getting creative with the ActivPanel Part 2

The ActivPanel interactive display is an excellent canvas for creativity, offering a range of flexible solutions which support innovation in the classroom […]


Top tips for supporting social learning in the classroom

One of the most important lessons we learned during the temporary shift to remote learning is that education is a fundamentally social […]


Getting creative with the ActivPanel

Many children learn best when there’s a creative element to their activities – something that captures the imagination and opens up new […]


Combining device mirroring with in-class video cameras to boost engagement

Device mirroring, or ‘screen sharing’, gives students and teachers the ability to share content wirelessly from their personal devices to a larger […]


4 ways to boost engagement in lessons with device mirroring

Device mirroring (or ‘screen sharing’) is a method that enables you to wirelessly duplicate or ‘mirror’ the content on your computer screen, […]


Supporting coding for all ages through the ActivPanel

Since coding became a compulsory element of the curriculum in Australia, we at Trinity College have been exploring how technology can bring […]


If a young person said to you: There will be no work for me up ahead, what would you say in response?

If a young person said to you: “There will be no work for me up ahead”, what would you say in response? […]

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