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Unlocking digital potential with the Elements of Pedagogy

Teachers in Australia have access to more classroom technologies than ever before, and as a result, it is increasingly important that schools […]


What does AV / IT convergence mean for your school?

Many modern classroom solutions, such as interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs) like Promethean’s ActivPanel, come with key considerations on both AV (audio-visual) […]


Why schools need a ‘digital-first’ strategy

With many Australian students learning in the classroom again after a temporary shift to distance learning, schools are now faced with the […]


Enhancing Operations for IT Managers with the ActivPanel

Over the last few months, teachers and students have relied on technology more than ever before. As lesson delivery transformed overnight, IT […]


Adopting a Blended Learning Approach with Promethean

The agility of the education profession has really come to the fore in recent months, with schools efficiently mobilising distance learning strategies, […]


Designing Rounded Classrooms

Classroom design hasn’t changed for 200 years, with the teacher at the front and students facing forward. The classroom environment can transform […]

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