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Important questions to ask before making your next edtech purchase

Education technology is becoming more and more embedded in our classrooms, and we recently explored whether schools’ edtech spend is truly reflective […]


The Big Debate

The State of Technology in Education – the big debate The importance of education technology has truly come to the fore this […]


5 top tips to help you make the most of your existing edtech

Promethean’s 2019 State of Technology in Education Report revealed that 75 percent of school leaders believed budgetary restrictions would impact their ability […]


4 quick ways to level up your edtech knowledge

In Promethean’s 2019 State of Technology in Education Report, 54 percent of educators believed that whilst they received some training and support, […]


What will the future of edtech look like?

During the past decade, the role of technology in education has grown significantly. From classroom technologies such as interactive screens to solutions […]


Adapting your edtech to the current climate

In recent months, schools have quickly adapted to unprecedented changes on all levels of education so that students throughout Australia can keep […]


What did we learn whilst schools were closed?

In recent months, many schools experienced temporary closures to ensure the health and safety of students and staff – but education didn’t […]

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