Promoting accessibility with the ActivPanel

Swan Hill Student

Published: October 26th, 2021

Swan Hill Specialist School has been using the ActivPanel for a number of years with great results, with a long-term plan to install an ActivPanel in each classroom to make sure all students have equal access to interactive technologies.

As Swan Hill specialist school caters to students with a diverse range of needs, the true value of the ActivPanel is its accessibility and how they can use it to support each and every learner.

Teaching and Learning Coach at Swan Hill, Amanda Dalton, says: “A major benefit of the ActivPanel here at Swan Hill is that we can easily adjust the height so that students can use it while standing or seated, and it’s just as comfortable for wheelchair users. However we choose to set it up, the wide viewing angle is also excellent as the whole class can see the content clearly and easily.

“The children here absolutely love using the ActivPanel, and there’s something for everyone. It’s a great tool for getting all of our students involved, no matter their individual abilities or skills.”

Download the full case study here.