Isabella Plains Early Childhood School Celebrates Edtech Success

Isabella Plains Early Childhood School in the ACT has beat off competition from Trans-Tasman schools to become one of the 17 successful winners of the Promethean Grant 2018. With entries from both Australia and New Zealand, Isabella Plains Early Childhood School impressed the panel of judges and won a state-of-the-art education technology package worth $5,000AUD.

Key considerations

In their video entry, children from Isabella Plains Early Childhood School explained why they needed more up-to-date interactive technology in their school. They showed how they were currently using old and second-hand equipment that didn’t always work very effectively.

Melissa Chadwick, Executive Teacher at Isabella Plains Early Childhood school said: “We are so excited because the ActivPanel is going to really help the children share their ideas and further their learning. I saw a demo at EduTech and knew that the ActivPanel would be perfect for our school, to help adopt a more flexible way of teaching and learning where there is no visible front of the room. Winning one brings many opportunities for our children across the school”.

Download the full case study.