Gillen Primary School Celebrates Edtech Success

Published: May 13th, 2019

Gillen Primary School Celebrates Edtech Success

Gillen Primary School in Alice Springs has beat off competition from Trans-Tasman schools to become one of the 17 successful winners of the Promethean Grant 2018. With entries from both Australia and New Zealand, Gillen Primary School impressed the panel of judges and won a state-of-the-art education technology package worth $5,000 AUD.

Key considerations

In their video entry, Gillen Primary School talked about the problems they were experiencing with their existing technology and how they would benefit from more interactivity in teaching and learning. Heather Pedrotti, Teacher at Gillen Primary School said: “When our Principal heard about the Promethean Grant competition, it gave us a great incentive to start looking at how best to make our learning space more interactive and collaborative. The competition was a timely opportunity – we knew that having a Panel would make such a difference to the changes that we want to make.”

The ActivPanel acts as an immersive and collaborative learning centre, which will help teachers and pupils alike with their lessons. With the ability to connect with other learning devices, such as laptops and tablets, pupils will be able to share their work with the class and peer-assess, alongside being able to utilise the multi-touch functionality for small groups. Promethean is looking forward to developing a partnership with the winning school to help them get the most out of the technology.

Download the full case study here.