Engineering and innovation with the ActivPanel

Published: April 1st, 2020

Located in Adelaide, Australia, Trinity College is committed to developing positivity and confidence in students from pre-school through to age 18.
Made up of five schools, Trinity College prides itself on its Christian values and Anglican tradition which encourages the personal and spiritual development of those in the Adelaide community.

Over the last decade, the college has built upon its passion for engineering and robotics to help nurture students’ talents. This extensive co-curricular programme allows students from each school to come together as a part of a dynamic team which designs, builds and programs robots.

The teaching team at Trinity College believe that Promethean’s ActivPanel interactive display has been invaluable in supporting growth and individuality in students.

The ActivPanel has also helped the team keep in touch through video sharing. Collaboration has never been easier, with the students using Skype on the ActivPanel – and even keeping in touch with a French exchange pupil who still wanted to contribute even after returning to France. Not only is the robotics and engineering scheme more active than ever, the students are learning remote-working skills that will benefit them in the future.

Sion concludes, “Promethean’s ActivPanel has done more than just enhance our robotics and engineering programme. It has helped a number of students gain an idea of the sorts of careers they would like to pursue, and given them a sense of focus. More than one of the students is now looking at a career in engineering, and with the tech-based skills they’ve picked up along the way, they’ll be well placed to do so.”

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