Adapting to changes in the learning environment

Published: November 3rd, 2021

Andrea Thompson, Teacher at Toronto Adventist School, shares her classroom experiences with the ActivPanel


Here at Toronto Adventist School, we’ve had to adapt to a lot of changes over the past several months, and we’re certainly not the only school that has had to think carefully about how we can safely deliver a quality education for our students.

As a small school, we have a limited budget so purchasing lots of new equipment to overhaul lesson delivery simply wasn’t an option – we had to look at how we could make the most of existing resources, and our ActivPanel quickly became a big part of that…

The interactive capabilities of the ActivPanel have been fantastic for helping us to maintain engaging lesson delivery no matter the learning environment. The students love using the ActivPanel. They’ve easily and intuitively figured out how to utilise the device. It is great to see them finding new ways of using the technology to make achieving quality learning easier.

The ActivPanel has been a brilliant time-saving resource for us. Being able to record activities or annotate on-screen and then share these resources and ideas with one another is excellent.

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