Why technology is a necessity for modern education…

Published: July 14th, 2020

Education plays an irreplaceable role in preparing young people for their future careers, and presenting them with opportunities for self-development. Children spend much of their formative years in education, and the social and interpersonal skills they learn during that time are just as important as their academic achievements.

The need ‘Quality Education’ has been recognised in the United Nations’ ‘Sustainable Development Goals’, and it’s clear that education technology is a powerful tool in promoting quality education. Traditionally, however, technology – including that for education – has been concentrated in rich, developed nations.

It is time that we recognise technology as fundamental to education, rather than an optional extra. Building new schools and classrooms in developing countries lays the foundations for improving access to education, but doesn’t always go far enough. Those classrooms must be technologically equipped, from internet access to front-of-class solutions, if we are to truly promote quality education for all.

Investing in effective education technologies like interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs) can deliver numerous benefits to students and teachers alike. IFPDs such as Promethean’s ActivPanel Elements Series is the connected hub of the modern classroom, giving teachers access to a suite of tools for creating engaging educational experiences.

Through edtech solutions, students can take more ownership over their own education, planning and carrying out projects independently. When students pursue their own educational interests, they acquire knowledge and skills that might not be covered in the curriculum – ultimately creating more rounded learners, and young people that are ready to take responsibility for their own development.

Education technology can simultaneously make teachers’ lives easier and support higher quality education for students – its importance cannot be overstated. Promoting equal access to edtech is vital for improving education on a global scale, and will help to prepare today’s learners for tomorrow’s world.

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