The learning style series: Visual

students looking at DNA graph

Published: November 26th, 2021

Support the visual learners in your class with these inspiring ideas…


Interactive flat panel displays are perfect for all kinds of learners from auditory to kinaesthetic and, of course, visual learners. To support all the different learners in your classroom, we’ve put together this blog series with helpful activities and tips for using your ActivPanel.

In this blog, you will find some ways you can actively engage the visual learners in your class. Plus – because we know some of our readers are visual learners too – you will find links to handy videos that explain how to use the tools discussed!


Explore the mind map!

The good old mindmap is a tried-and-true go-to for most classrooms. But, with the ActivPanel, there is so much more to explore on this trusted classic! Unlike paper or a regular whiteboard, there is virtually infinite space on the Whiteboard app to work with. You can annotate, erase, highlight, drag and drop elements, and much more, to add to and edit your mind maps as needed.

The Instant Whiteboard App is always at hand on the unified menu, and can be switched to between teaching new content, to explain further visually. Better yet, with multi-window functionality, you can keep the app on screen as you’re teaching. If you’re more of a visual learner yourself, check out our quick video on how to use the Whiteboard on the ActivPanel Elements Series.

If you’re lucky enough to have students’ personal devices connected to the ActivPanel, you can even make the mindmap a collaborative experience!


Visuwords: bring words to life

Words and text can be a sticking point for many visual learners. Visuwords is a great tool to help teach vocabulary in a more engaging way. A mind map and thesaurus rolled into one, this is a great app to show the relationships between words! Explore synonyms, antonyms, derivatives.


Flip the chart

Did you know you can find ready-made flipcharts in the ActivInspire Resource Library? You can leave them as is and use these as a visually impactful teaching tool for your class, or edit content to better reflect your curriculum.


Annotate anything!

If you’re teaching from a displayed text, image or video on the ActivPanel, use the annotator tool to highlight or add notes in different colours to represent different functions or themes. This can help visual learners organise ideas in their minds, and annotations can be removed or edited however as needed. Learn more about the annotations tool in our Awesome Annotations webinar video.


Screen record

Use the screen recording functions of ActivInspire tools to create short teaching videos for sharing with students. This is a great way to get creative with your content, as you can script out and edit in a way that is hard to do when on-the-spot teaching.

Videos are a great visual learning tool for creating lessons for home-based students, and the ability to create them yourself means that content can be tailored to your class’s needs. You can also save time during class with pre-recorded videos, as it gives you room to do other things such as prep materials or mark.


If you want to learn more ways the ActivPanel can engage your students, book a live, tailored demonstration today!