Our edtech reading list: 5 book week picks

Published: August 15th, 2022

Staying on top of education technology trends is crucial to keeping things fresh in the classroom. Everyone likes to learn differently and given it’s book week, we’ve got some great edtech reads for those that enjoy finding inspiration in written form. If you’re not sure where to start, these are five of our favourites which offer advice on a range of topics and tactics, so pick one that appeals!

1- Tech Like a Pirate: Using Classroom Technology to Create an Experience and Make Learning Memorable

Matt Miller

Learning must be enjoyable for students if it’s going to make a lasting impact – that goes without saying. Author Mr Miller provides stimulating examples of using classroom technology, perfect for teachers who are working through lessons virtually or practicing hybrid classrooms. Miller offers practical assistance, reassuring readers that classroom technology is suitable for everyone and provides downloadable templates, a companion website, and engagement hooks all tied together with an amusing and accessible pirate theme.

2- Closing the Gap: Digital Equity Strategies for the K-12 Classroom

Nicol R. Howard, Sarah Thomas and Regina Schaffer

The edtech environment is a permanent fixture in teaching and learning, and it’s always expanding. There are some common challenges associated with education technology, though, including equal access, connectivity, resource limits, the digital divide, and the homework gap. This book explains those concepts and helps teachers address the difficulties of teaching in the digital age, providing positive examples and recommendations for achieving digital equity in classroom communities from three genuine experts.

3- Increasing Engagement in Online Learning

Stephanie Smith Budai and Laura McLaughlin

In the form of a quick reference guide, this book provides a great source of direction for all educators covering a wealth of strategies, examples and edtech tools. Increasing engagement, boosting collaboration, participation in online and hybrid learning environments, and home-to-school engagement ideas are all extensively covered in this insightful read. The book also goes further to tackle key contemporary challenges including zoom fatigue, engaging students in breakout rooms, and planning and navigating dual audience engagement. It’s a great choice for teachers looking to get to grips with some really specific concepts.

4- Illuminate: Technology Enhanced Learning

Bethany Petty

Broken down into ten easy to understand chapters, author Bethany Petty offers inspiration on how to integrate technology into the classroom in meaningful ways to improve students’ learning experiences. Many of these ideas can be implemented immediately into existing strategies, including tips on how to use QR codes and apps to improve communication with parents, strategies for sharing learning experiences, and practical ideas on how to improve critical thinking and creativity. Petty explains the ‘why’ behind using technology, developing a deeper understanding of the necessity of technology in learning environments.

5- Teach Boldly: Using Edtech for Social Good

Jenifer Williams

This final book addresses the impact of education technology beyond the classroom. Teaching and learning run deeper than the traditional school environment, especially as the students of today have experienced an array of present and digital learning setups. Author Jenifer Williams acknowledges the potential of edtech tools and resources to enrich teaching and learning to contribute to wider social good. Williams supplies pathways for using edtech tools and amplifying student voices which all help to create progressive, engaging spaces. The book provides teachers with straightforward theories and integrated activities for transforming the learning landscape using edtech.

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