Our 2022 edtech wish list

teacher engaging with student

Published: December 19th, 2021

From professional development tools to inspirational apps and ActivPanel accessories, we’ve made an edtech wish list for 2022: everything that is exciting us in the world of education technology today.

Chrome Music Lab

One of our favourite platforms for creating and teaching music at the moment, you can easily access Chrome Music Lab through your ActivPanel browser. It’s packed full of ways to make music, including a touch-enabled keyboard, song makers, and a feature that makes music from drawn lines. Not strictly an “edtech” app, but this handy, free site opens up countless ways to teach through the art of music.

We love the ability to have students collaborate on the interactive keyboard linked through their personal devices, or making short songs that can act as mnemonic devices.

Promethean Resource Library

If you haven’t been making use of the Promethean Resource Library, you’re missing out on thousands of free resources, teaching tools and lesson ideas. With a recently expanded selection of Flipcharts, Resource Packs, and Whiteboard files, there’s always more to explore. 

The Secret Door

This concept behind this special site is very simple: you click on a closed door, which opens up to all sorts of strange and wonderful places, powered by Google Maps. The opportunities for creative thinking and writing exercises enabled by this free-to-use tool are very exciting, allowing for all sorts of fun lesson options.

Promethean Chromebox

Our market-tested, classroom-ready Chromebox fully integrates with the ActivPanel, giving added computing power, expanded storage, and super-fast Wi-Fi. It connects directly to the Google Play Store, putting thousands of apps for creating more dynamic lessons at your fingertips, along with automatic Google updates.

ActivPanel stands

ActivPanel stands do so much more for accessibility than just allowing for easier transport. The ability to raise and lower your front of class display as required means that all students have equal opportunities to reach the panel.

Distance learning bundle

In the face of an ever-changing external environment, educators must ensure that they are flexible and ready for any situation. In 2022 and beyond, hybrid learning is likely to continue in classrooms in the future as a practical way to safeguard students and teachers. We’ve put together a bundle to aid in remote and hybrid teaching strategies, which includes a teacher-facing webcam that connects to the ActivPanel, and an extendable tripod for desk and floor mounting, to open up new options for placement and viewing angles.

If you want to know how you can best utilise the ActivPanel to elevate your edtech ecosystem, book a live, tailored demonstration today.