Hybrid learning strategies for tomorrow

Published: October 7th, 2021

With Australia set to open back up to international travel shortly, we may be facing a necessity for long-term hybrid learning strategies as a practical way to safeguard students and teachers.

With proven edtech like the ActivPanel, teachers can engage both in-class and home-based students seamlessly and simultaneously, giving all students the benefits of a realistic, engaging classroom experience wherever they are.

Here are just some of the ways the ActivPanel can assist in hybrid learning strategies:

Webcam connectivity

With the addition of a webcam, the ActivPanel can help teachers reach students wherever they are. The ActivPanel can support video conferencing apps to give at-home learners a simulated classroom experience.

To simplify things, the Promethean Distance Learning Bundle comes with a tripod, webcam, and everything else a teacher would need to connect the ActivPanel to assist in hybrid learning strategies. Mounting the webcam on the tripod means both the presenter and the display can be shown simultaneously. This means teachers may face the class as one group, rather than alternating between a laptop and the in-person assembly, maintaining a natural style of presenting.

Device mirroring

The ability of the ActivPanel to connect to personal devices from anywhere in the world means that not only may students receive lessons remotely, they can also actively engage and interact with the class and share/present content.

4 screens can be shared at once, and enhanced security measures keep the teacher in control of the display, deciding who can share out of a waiting room that holds up to 39 devices.

Screen recorder

The ActivInspire lesson delivery software that comes as standard in the ActivPanel Elements series has many pre-installed apps that can assist schools with hybrid learning strategies. Screen Recorder, for instance, allows teachers to capture an entire lesson, to share resources with students at home without increasing workload.

Remote connections

Rural Australia has a long history of distance-learning, with many students either traveling long distances from their family and community to attend school, or learning remotely. As a nation, collectively reviewing and revising hybrid strategies could lead to providing these remote students a higher quality of education.

Flexibility for fluctuation

With an ever-changing external environment, flexibility is key to staying ready for anything. With edtech solutions like the ActivPanel which assist in-class learning and blended classes when needed, schools can have the best of both worlds.

The Learn Promethean website also provides a range of free-of-charge support for teachers looking to enhance their hybrid strategies with the ActivPanel. Online training courses and demonstrations on how to use ActivInspire ensure that you get the most out of your edtech and keep the whole class engaged.


If you want to learn more about how the ActivPanel can assist with your hybrid strategy, book a live, tailored demonstration today.