How businesses can benefit from an interactive flat panel display

Published: May 2nd, 2022

Interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs) have come on leaps and bounds from their beginnings as an enhanced means of educational instruction. An IFPD like the Promethean ActivPanel has so many valuable uses in the business sector from meetings to collaboration, increased productivity and remote working.

Here’s how the ActivPanel can transform the way your organisation operates:

Meetings and presentations

The ActivPanel makes work meetings more engaging and productive. A wide display focuses the room, and a range of materials and media captivates the attention of attendees, wherever they are.

Unlike interactive whiteboards that require a projector and external computer, the ActivPanel is an all-in-one device, with an inbuilt Android processor which allows you to browse the internet and download apps from the Play Store. This means you can work, edit, plan, stream and conference, straight from the panel. 

Transforming remote working

When teams are split between office and home, it can be hard to decide where collaboration should take place. Videoconferencing on personal devices is inclusive but doesn’t have the same dynamic of having everyone in the same room, working together.

With a large, interactive and capable display like the ActivPanel, now you don’t have to compromise. You can simultaneously address the people in the room, as well as those working from home, with interconnectivity capabilities across devices. 

Not only can remote participants connect to and view the content displayed, but they can also interact. Marking up documents is easy with the annotator tool always close at hand. Plus, screen mirroring allows everyone to have a say and share their work.


Training sessions are a great way to make sure your team is all on the same page and working to the best of their abilities. Another advantage of an IFPD is its ability to enhance staff training, whether the presenter is live or conferencing remotely. This is one of the less surprising benefits, given the similarities between training and education in general.

With the ActivPanel, instructional videos can be presented on the big screen, with clear front-facing speakers that engage the room. Plus, videoconferencing through an IFPD opens up potential for a wide range of speakers and trainers to address your team from all across the world.

Forward planning

In a planning session, enhanced collaboration is always a bonus. Documents can be drawn or written over with just a touch of a finger, images can be moved and resized and the large display means you can bring up multiple projects to compare and contrast the various stages your team is at.

Use instant polling to quickly gauge the room as well as teams at home, or the infinite canvas of the instant whiteboard app for brainstorming. Get to the core of the subject by zooming into any area to increase your workspace for elaboration. 

Afterwards, planning sessions can be easily downloaded, exported and revisited for further fine-tuning.

If you want to see the ActivPanel in action, and see how it can fit seamlessly into your business operations, why not book a live, bespoke demonstration today?