Edtech lessons to take into 2021

Published: February 16th, 2021

Whether it was hybrid learning set-ups, videoconferencing tools or cloud-based lesson planning and delivery software, many educators across Australia found themselves trying new edtech solutions during the past year.

Some may have worked brilliantly, and others might not have been as effective – but the most important thing is that we learn from those experiences. With that in mind, we’re going to explore a few of the edtech lessons from 2020 that we can take into 2021.


  1. In-class or remote learning? Use the best of both worlds…

As we settle into the new term, it’s clear that the teaching environment is no longer as binary as it once was – and neither are our teaching and learning strategies. There might be times that you’re teaching to present and remote learners simultaneously, or managing a rotating cohort.

If you’ve found a teaching technique that’s perfect for remote learners, why not think about how you can adapt it to the classroom? If there’s an activity that your students love to carry out in the classroom, is there a way to make it work even if some students aren’t present?

The teaching environment is evolving, but you can maintain effective lesson delivery no matter the situation by adapting your existing ideas to new scenarios.


  1. Keep an open mind

Keeping an open mind is vital in the education sector. 2020 saw schools getting creative to maintain curriculum continuity, and taking advantage of all the resources available to them to support their students.

This is an attitude that can just as effectively fuel innovation in the classroom – if there are edtech solutions which you’ve not tried out before, why not give them a go? You might need to seek out training and support on occasion, but keeping an open mind and trying new things is a great way to keep things fresh and engaging for your pupils.


  1. Use technology to strengthen real human connection

One of our State of Technology in Education survey respondents recently remarked that technology “is not a replacement for face to face teaching” – and there’s something we can all take from that.

Education technology is at its best when it is being used to strengthen real human connection, rather than replace it. You can put this notion into practice by thinking about how you can use edtech to enhance collaboration in the classroom, and where technology can open new avenues for communication and social learning.


Education is a lifelong experience. By being mindful of your experiences, and thinking about how you use each day, week or month to enrich the next, you can continue to develop new skills and teaching techniques.

If you’d like some inspiration on where to begin, why not check out our recent blog on making the most of your existing edtech.