How to care for your ActivPanel

Published: April 4th, 2022

Taking proper care of your ActivPanel will help ensure you get maximum value out of your investment in the long term. So, what are the most important things to consider when it comes to maintenance and upkeep of your front-of-class display?

How to clean an interactive display

Keeping the ActivPanel clean is an essential step in caring for your edtech, especially in the context of Covid-19 safety measures. Here’s some top tips for cleaning your ActivPanel:

  • Always switch off and disconnect the ActivPanel when cleaning and cover any inputs, outputs, and ventilation holes to prevent liquid from seeping into the hardware.
  • Avoid applying liquids directly to the ActivPanel or letting them remain on the surface, as doing so can cause long-term damage. Instead, lightly sanitising the ActivPanel with a microfiber towel and 70%-90% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or 70-90% ethanol is a safe way to kill germs and gently remove dust and bacteria from contact areas.
  • Set up a sanitisation station near the ActivPanel to encourage students and teachers to regularly clean their hands before engaging with the display. Incorporating this step into your classroom tech procedures is an effective method to keep on top of necessary classroom hygiene. 

Updating your ActivPanel

Staying informed on developments from Promethean will help to maintain the smooth running of the ActivPanel. Plus, through panel management, system updates can be deployed quickly, easily, and remotely. 

Promethean has also partnered with Radix, the market leader in mobile device management for education. Radix VISO Premium is an all in one MDM solution for the ActivPanel that enables IT administrators to control, maintain, and deploy software, apps and policies on any devices within a school’s edtech ecosystem. 

Radix VISO premium and Promethean Panel Management work together to enable IT teams to manage and maintain expanding infrastructures more efficiently, and enhance network and user security within educational environments. 

Easy panel configuration

The myPromethean portal not only enables administrators to enrol new ActivPanels with ease. You can use the portal to retrieve key device and user details such as the model, serial number, software version, user role and account status of the ActivPanel. 

Giving you easy access to this key information allows you to communicate with IT support teams and provide necessary details for troubleshooting without complication. 

The user-friendly myPromethean dashboard also allows you to create and apply panel configurations to suit your needs, including power management or network settings, from anywhere in the world.

ActivPanel security

Installing SSL certificates helps maintain a secure internet connection and mitigate the risk of hackers accessing sensitive information shared between systems. 

Implementing this important certificate ensures that the data transferred between users and websites or between systems becomes impossible to read through advanced encryption algorithms that disfigures the data as it moves from place to place. 

Keep in touch 

Following the recommendations above will help ensure the longevity of your Promethean ActivPanel and future-proof investments for the long term. For more top tips on getting the most out of your ActivPanel (and much more) sign up for Resource Hub updates direct to your inbox or follow us on social!