Staff meetings with an IFPD

Published: July 19th, 2022

We know the benefits to collaboration, engagement and interactivity that an interactive flat panel display (IFPD) like the ActivPanel can have inside the classroom. Why not use those same features and benefits to activate your staff meetings? 

If you’re not using your ActivPanel for meetings and administration, you’re not getting the maximum potential out of your edtech.

Benefits of IFPDs for general meetings

In a meeting, IFPDs save you precious time (and paper), by keeping all your meeting resources in one place. Quickly and easily pull them up when needed, then save to re-examine for later. Plus, you can share your meeting agenda instantly to all connected, without the need for extra printing.

The touch screen of the ActivPanel means that meeting hosts and speakers interact in a kinaesthetic way, a much more fluid and energetic style of presenting to a room than merely projecting slides from a laptop. Plus, the panel’s large display screen means your content can be easily seen by the whole room (as well as people connecting remotely). 

If teachers are presenting in a staff meeting, you have the added benefit that they are familiar and comfortable with the technology, meaning less lag which can slow down staff meetings. 

Hiring using the ActivPanel

The benefits of IFPDs don’t stop at general staff meetings. Adding the ActivPanel into your new staff hiring processes can help your team stay safe while adding efficiencies during the new hire process.

Applicants can connect to the ActivPanel remotely through videoconferencing platforms, a huge plus if they are applying remotely or during pandemic restrictions.

Potential hires can also prepare a mock-lesson or presentations ahead of time, then connect to the ActivPanel to showcase their teaching style to the room.

You can even screen record interviews via the ActivPanel, to return to and review as you make your decision.

ActivPanel for planning sessions

Administrative duties like scheduling and record-keeping can all be done through the ActivPanel, but planning sessions is where the magic really happens, with enhanced collaboration and efficiency.

You can quickly guage thoughts of your decision-making body using instant polling features through ActivInspire or ClassFlow. Plans and roadmaps can be drawn up with just a touch of a finger or written over through the Annotate app.

The infinite canvas of the Instant Whiteboard app is great for brainstorming. Get to the core of the subject by zooming into any area to increase your workspace for elaboration. Then afterwards, planning sessions can be easily downloaded, exported and revisited for further fine-tuning.

Staff training

Professional development is a great way to ensure best practice teaching is upheld and that all staff are up to date with your school’s goals. The ActivPanel is a great facilitator of in-person and remote training sessions.

IFPDs make training more engaging, with fun, interactive resources to keep attention levels high. You can play instructional videos, host example-lessons, or review screen-recorded classes.

The ActivPanel connects your team wherever they are to add extra convenience to professional development sessions. Plus, trainers can also connect remotely from anywhere in the world, allowing for a huge skills pool to draw from.

Do you want more inspirational ideas on how to get the most out of your ActivPanel? Check out Learn Promethean, our online professional development site that’s free to use, and hosts a wealth of online courses, videos, and other resources.