Addressing the teacher training deficit

Published: October 5th, 2020

Teachers deserve recognition for their hard work all year round, but World Teachers’ Day gives us the chance to really celebrate their efforts – and this year, that’s more important than ever.

One way that we can give back to teachers is by making it easier for them to access the training and support that they need. Giving teachers access to effective training and support is essential to building the confidence and capability required to make the most of education technology solutions in the classroom, and ultimately helps teachers to do their job better.

In last year’s State of Technology in Education survey, we discovered that just 7% of teachers agree that they have full training and support when it comes to edtech solutions, such as Promethean Australia’s range of interactive displays. So, if teachers aren’t receiving the right training and support for technologies that they already have access to, what does this mean for new solutions arriving as a result of schools investing in edtech?

Helping teachers to access training and support

It’s important to recognise that school budgets and teacher workloads are barriers to training itself. Teachers are already time-pressured, and it can be tough to schedule training sessions without extending their working day even further – and tight budgets are understandably a factor, as effective training can come at a cost.

The edtech market is recognising these challenges, with some education technology providers have responded by developing training solutions that can break down these barriers.

Take Learn Promethean, for example – Learn Promethean is a freely accessible online platform that helps teachers to get the most out of their Promethean ActivPanel and accompanying software, ActivInspire and ClassFlow.

Through Learn Promethean, teachers can find localised guides, tutorials and specific curriculum-related advice that has been designed specifically for Australian educators.

What’s more, as Learn Promethean is an online platform, teachers can access learning resources whenever it is convenient for them – using free periods or less busy times to develop their skills.

By taking advantage of the resources available on Learn Promethean, schools can support their teachers in developing skills and confidence – ultimately tackling teacher training as a barrier to uptake and helping teachers to make a real impact using technology. What’s more, by helping teachers to upskill, school leaders will see a greater return on investment for their edtech solutions and better educational outcomes for students and teachers alike.

Get started with Learn Promethean this World Teacher’s Day.