Adapting your edtech to the current climate

Published: July 21st, 2020

In recent months, schools have quickly adapted to unprecedented changes on all levels of education so that students throughout Australia can keep learning, no matter where they are.

Although normality is beginning to resume in some areas, distance learning provisions will remain necessary for the foreseeable future. Schools may need to return to remote learning at very short notice following local outbreaks, and being prepared will be vital.

Education technology is an important resource for enabling effective teaching and learning, both in the classroom and remotely. By taking advantage of existing technology provisions, schools can adopt a blended approach to learning and be ready to adapt quickly to changes in lesson delivery.

Each and every school should consider whether their current education technology provisions can support blended learning as well as rapid changes to the classroom dynamic. Now is the time to conduct an evaluation of in-school edtech resources, and build a clearer picture of how they measure up to current education needs and priorities.

Think about your existing classroom technology, and whether it is ready to support a blended learning approach. Interactive whiteboards and interactive projectors, for example, are very much classroom based and cannot effectively support learning from home. On the other hand, whilst advanced interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs) are also a front-of-class solution, these can support blended learning by giving teachers access to screen-sharing functionality and remote-access tools.

Take the ActivPanel, for example, which is capable of facilitating connectivity and collaboration even when some students aren’t in the classroom. Through the ScreenShare app and compatibility with videoconferencing solutions such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, students can take part in group activities remotely and lesson delivery can continue almost as-normal.

The best way to explore the potential of IFPDs is through a hands-on demonstration, but on-site demonstrations may not be practical for every school at the moment.

Promethean has responded to the situation, building on its existing demonstration programme to give schools more flexibility with a choice of virtual, remote and on-site options. Schools can choose whether to have an entirely virtual demonstration, a more traditional on-site demonstration or a virtual demonstration combined with a one-week ActivPanel road test.

Now, more than ever, education technology solutions are an investment to support the future of curriculum delivery and learning continuity. If you’d like to learn more about using the ActivPanel to support blended learning, book your tailored ActivPanel demonstration now.