5 top tips to help you make the most of your existing edtech

Published: November 3rd, 2020

Promethean’s 2019 State of Technology in Education Report revealed that 75 percent of school leaders believed budgetary restrictions would impact their ability to realise school strategy. Furthermore, 46 percent of school leaders voiced their opinion that budgetary restrictions would have an impact on student learning in the year ahead and beyond – and it’s fair to say that these remain key concerns in 2020.

During the temporary shift to distance learning, schools across the country took a close look at the resources available to them and how they could support students learning from home. With many students now back in the classroom but temporary closures still possible, it remains important that schools stick to their current edtech strategy rather than being reactive, and they should help teachers to make the most of technology solutions that are familiar.

If distance-learning taught us anything, it’s that learning in classrooms is the most effective setup for students and teachers alike, and will continue to be the norm in the long term. So, what can schools do to make the most of existing classroom solutions without additional cost? Here are 5 top tips for getting the most out of your edtech investments:

1. Complete an edtech audit – carry out a review of all the edtech in your classrooms as well as those related to distance learning, and determine what is used and what is not needed. This way you will have a better idea of what your school edtech estate looks like and what is most valuable.

2. Consider your wider edtech strategy – once you know what edtech is most valuable in your school you can begin to plan your edtech strategy around this, making staff aware of the wider school vision and direction of travel for the future.

3. Seek free training opportunities – many edtech suppliers provide free online training resources and materials to help answer your questions with many creative hints and tips to help you maximise impact on learning. Learn Promethean is one such resource, giving teachers access to a wide range of training videos and tech-specific advice.

4. Ensure edtech is maintained – in order to get the greatest benefit from your edtech, software must be kept up to date – otherwise there could be security risks, but also you may miss out on new features.

5. Use edtech effectively – edtech is proven to have many benefits to teaching and learning, but always consider how it can best be used in different learning scenarios. Edtech should always be used as an enabler, rather than a replacement for traditional methods and resources.

By taking a step back and considering your wider edtech strategy you can realise significant benefits without having to immediately invest budget.

By contrasting the findings of the 2019 State of Technology in Education survey with up-to-date insights from 2020, we will be able to draw effective comparisons and begin to track how education technology trends are developing – from teachers’ opinions to the availability of different technologies. Help us to map the edtech landscape by taking part in the 2020 State of Technology in Education survey, and be in with a chance of winning a $100 gift card.