4 quick ways to level up your edtech knowledge

Published: October 13th, 2020

In Promethean’s 2019 State of Technology in Education Report, 54 percent of educators believed that whilst they received some training and support, more could be done. Furthermore, only 7 percent of teachers agreed they receive full training and support for using edtech. The report also discovered where edtech is available but not being used, 26 percent of teachers cited lack of time as the key reason.

This year, teachers across the country had to adapt quickly to a temporary shift to distance learning, and many have adopted new technologies to support students learning from home. For the majority, workload is unlikely to have dropped, and finding the time to upskill is still a challenge.

But what can you do to elevate your edtech knowledge without taking up too much time or budget? We’ve come up with 4 top tips to help you…

1. Sharing knowledge is powerful – whether you’re in a subject meeting, or having a catch-up via video conference, talk to your colleagues about how you use edtech. Everyone has varying levels of confidence when it comes to teaching technologies – you don’t know how much you may be able to help someone, or maybe they can teach you something new?

2. Use teacher specific resources – teaching tools that are designed for education are likely to be more intuitive for you to use in the classroom and require less technical knowhow. They will also be more practical and appropriate for learning, having been designed with education in mind.

3. Consider free online edtech training materials – it can be difficult to find the time to go looking for edtech training resources, but check to see if there is any online training or guidance available – some edtech providers offer free training and support, such as Promethean’s new Learn Promethean platform.

4. Get students involved – many schools around the country have established student groups of ‘digital leaders’, giving them responsibility for helping teachers learn more about classroom edtech, as well as finding new and creative ways to use it. This is not only effective in helping students enhance their digital literacy but can save you lots of time and make your lessons even more engaging.

We know that your time is valuable, but developing your edtech skills can make a real difference whether you’re teaching in the classroom or supporting students at a distance.

The 2019 State of Technology in Education Report revealed insights into key topics within the education agenda, and with the 2020 survey now open, it will soon provide an effective foundation for tracking the development of edtech trends. Take part in the 2020 State of Technology in Education survey, be in with a chance of winning a $100 gift card, and help us continue mapping the edtech landscape.