Interactive Flat Panels

Promethean’s full HD and 4K Ultra HD interactive flat panels reveal brilliant colors and crisp details to boost readability ensuring the best learning experience for students.


The award-winning ActivPanel, powered by a revolutionary, upgradeable Android™-based Mini PC, is the intelligently-designed, connected hub of the modern classroom.

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Instant interaction

Ten-touch surface supports interactivity and collaboration. Launch the Instant Whiteboard or Annotation Tool to write and draw freely.

Educational Apps

Instantly download and access apps, games and other content to use on the ActivPanel.

Wi-Fi-Enabled with Seamless Connectivity

Wirelessly mirror mobile devices, including laptops, smartphones and tablets.

ActivPanel Stands

The ActivPanel's modern, sleek design will fit in perfectly in your classroom whether mounted on a wall or mobile stand.

Key Features At A Glance Get More Product Information

Versatile mounting

Select from a fixed mount or mobile stand.

Multiple Sizes

The ActivPanel stands are compatible with the 55”, 65”, 70” and 84” displays.

Mobile stands

Provides added flexibility for classrooms looking for an alternative mounting solution.