Promethean on the Road – St Joseph’s Primary School

Published: May 1st, 2019

Promethean on the Road – St Joseph’s Primary School

Located in Lockhart, a rural town five and a half hours from Sydney, New South Wales sits a small Catholic school – St. Joseph’s Primary School.

With a tiny population of approximately 800, St Joseph’s Primary School currently only has 78 students ranging from five to eleven years old. As with most schools, it aims to inspire and motivate each child towards achieving their full potential, something that St. Joseph’s harnesses through the use of interactive technology.

As part of the school’s long-term strategy to update its technology in the classroom, in 2018, the school entered the Promethean Grant. The Promethean Grant was an initiative across Australia and New Zealand where schools were asked to submit creative entries showcasing why they deserved to receive a Promethean ActivPanel.

Following a fantastic video entry in which the students played the parts of the teachers; the school was chosen as one of the winners from a total of 64 entries. Less than six months later, the school now has two Promethean ActivPanels that take pride of place in the Kindergarten and Year one/two classrooms.

Upon visiting the school to provide training and support, Promethean team member Ben Eyles was able to see first-hand how the inclusion of interactive technology in the school has broken all traditional barriers between students, the content they need to learn, and the experiences they need to participate in. The ActivPanels and the connectivity that comes with them has helped the students engage with the world, even when located in a remote town such as Lockhart.

Digital Pedagogy leader, Ryan Forsyth said “The student body love the new ActivPanel. I think they get a sense of pride out of what they’ve been able to achieve for the school.”  The ActivPanels have also been crucial in supporting lesson delivery Ryan Forsyth explained. “Even just the idea of it not being impeded by sunlight and glare. It’s made it a lot easier to use compared to previous technologies.”

Promethean is looking forward to continually developing its partnership with St. Joseph’s as the school continues with its mission of inspiring and motivating younger generations in the classroom.

Note: The supply and install of the ActivPanel was managed by Maxim Office Group.