Promethean Family Day

Published: April 20th, 2017

Promethean, hosted a Family Day on Thursday 13th April 2017. Held during the Easter Holidays, children of staff members were invited along to see what happens day-to-day at Promethean’s UK headquarters.

The group of 50 children aged between 4 and 14 years-old were firstly treated to an ice-breaking breakfast, followed by a tour before splitting into groups to attend break-out sessions with some of Promethean’s leading innovators. During the day, all of the children experienced learning through play and had the opportunity to try out some coding; and even put their future engineering skills to the test by trialing some of Promethean’s latest products, before they reach classrooms.

While the day supported the curriculum, it wasn’t all about learning, with Easter on the horizon the children were treated to a digital Easter bunny hunt, using Promethean’s ClassFlow software on tablets.

Amy Wolski, People and Culture Advisor at Promethean, said: “Our first Family Day has been a huge success. The idea stemmed from feedback from colleagues who suggested the idea and we thought it would be a great initiative to try. It’s fair to say everybody involved had a great day, colleagues brought in their children, nieces and nephews and grandchildren even! It was a chance for children to take a peak at what their parents or aunties and uncles, get up to when they’re usually at school. Most of the children experience edtech in their own classrooms these days, so it was a unique opportunity for them to go behind the scenes.”

Iain Home, Promethean’s Head of Marketing, EMEA and ANZ, brought his five year old daughter, Alex, in for the Family Fun Day: “It was a really cracking day from start to finish. Alex had great fun playing with the coding robot and putting Promethean tech through its paces, but I think everyone’s highlight was the digital Easter egg hunt because there was obviously a chocolate prize at the end of it!”.