Toronto Adventist School secures education technology prize

Published: March 3rd, 2020

Local school achieves national success in Promethean Grant competition

Toronto Adventist School saw off challengers from across Australia to claim victory in the Promethean Grant competition. As a result, the local school has been awarded a state-of-the-art education technology package worth $5,000AUD by global edtech provider, Promethean.

The Promethean Grant has run in Australia since 2017 as part of a global initiative designed to help schools celebrate a love for learning while supporting them with new edtech solutions.

Through the competition, Promethean aims to reduce the mounting pressures of school budgets and teacher workload by equipping schools with effective edtech solutions. The latest Promethean Grant competition gave schools in Australia the chance to win a fully-installed ActivPanel with award-winning ActivInspire software, training and ongoing support. The competition also gave teachers an opportunity for teachers to recognise the successes of education.

To win the Promethean Grant 2019, Toronto Adventist School produced a two-minute video covering an inspirational educational moment. Andrea Thompson, Teacher at Toronto Adventist School, spoke about a newsroom project she set up with students. Andrea’s students ran a newsroom for the school, applying for and taking on various roles within the project, and becoming incredibly engaged with the hands-on learning involved.

Toronto Adventist School had been considering options to upgrade their technology equipment. Andrea and her colleagues were well aware of the benefits of front of class technologies, and lamented the lack of interactivity associated with their aging equipment. The Promethean Grant gave the school a chance to introduce new edtech solutions ahead of its proposed timeline for upgrading current resources.

Andrea commented on the school’s Promethean Grant success, saying: “Winning this competition means a lot to our school. Because we are a very small school, we have limited budget to update our technology. So, being chosen as a winning entry to the Promethean Grant is a big deal – having a brand new ActivPanel means that all children within the school from pre-kindergarten through to year six will benefit. We can’t wait to explore interactive learning!”

Alistair Hayward, Promethean’s Head of UKI and ANZ Markets, spoke on the latest competition: “The Promethean Grant is a brilliant opportunity for us to reach out to teachers, learn more about their successes, and also give something back. Running the competition over the past few years has been an immense experience, and I am sure our two latest winners will use their ActivPanels to great effect.”

Toronto Adventist School is planning to mount its ActivPanel on a mobile stand so that it can be shared between the school’s three classrooms. Students in Andrea’s class were overjoyed at hearing that their school won the competition, and proud to share the news with parents and the local community.

Watch Toronto Adventist School’s winning entry video, here: