Social Responsibility

Promethean acknowledges that the manufacture, distribution and use of our products impacts a wide range of stakeholder groups. Stakeholders may be directly involved with the company as employees, investors, suppliers or end users of Promethean products, or their involvement may be indirect, as members of the worldwide communities where Promethean operates.

Our Commitment

Promethean is committed to acting responsibly and ethically throughout its operations while ensuring that our business partners share our deeply rooted values. The Board of Directors has established a number of key policies reflecting this commitment, covering areas such as health and safety, environmental considerations and ethical business conduct.

Our commitment to honest, ethical business practices has led to the development of Promethean’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Business Conduct.Promethean is dedicated to the development and distribution of industry-leading interactive solutions with an unwavering focus on respecting the broader world around us.