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Why Promethean?

Promethean passionately believes in transforming learning environments through the use of innovative classroom technology that motivates learning and improves student achievement. Our technology solutions produce a seamless interaction between teachers, students and the connected classroom. Learn More

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Promethean Thinking Deeper Research Paper No. 6 - From Learner Voice to Emerging Leader

Promethean Thinking Deeper Research Paper No. 6 prompts us to look at a world where every student felt a deep sense of ownership and excitement over their learning experience. Around the world, “learner voice” is gaining ground as an important topic and strategy for teaching and learning.

Assessment Competency: Knowing What You Know & Learning Analytics

Thinking Deeper Research Paper No. 3 explores how assessment competence and learning analytics contribute to productivity in education.

Making it Happen: Formative Assessment & Educational Technologies

Thinking Deeper Research Paper No. 1, Part 3 reviews research that demonstrates not only why and how assessment plays a pivotal role in improving the overall productivity of learning processes, but also the growing role of new technologies and the new organizational approaches these tools enable.

Thinking Strategically about Education & Technology: Making Learning Happen Today for Tomorrow's World

Around the world, education and learning in school and throughout society are on the cusp of a major leap in productivity.  Thinking Deeper Research Paper No. 1, Parts 1 and 2 provoke new thinking about the learning transformation happening all around us and provide an introduction to the Promethean Thinking Deeper Research series.

Learning Productivity: It Is Time for a Breakthrough

Thinking Deeper Research Paper No.2 is devoted to elucidating the challenges and opportunities created by the significant changes taking place in the nature and place of learning in the world around us and how those challenges relate to learning productivity.

Learning to Collaborate to Learn

With measurement of collaboration about to be adopted in international benchmarks, it is time for greater attention to be paid to the development of appropriate policies, practices, pedagogies and assessments for collaboration.

Collaborative Surfaces to Develop 21st Century Skills

The potential for collaborative surface technologies--Those skills and experiences that see young people learning to share, work together, help each other, show respect and deal with conflict are core educational objectives which realize the need for investments with a long term, social and economic return.

Education Fast Forward Phase 2--Pressing the Buttons

The third session in what was EFF’s first year successfully established proof of concept for connecting and sharing a global community of top education thinkers. Now comes the most challenging part – ensuring that effective and accepted new trends and changes happen even more quickly.

Schooling Past Sell-By, Says Education Fast Forward

It was billed as a debate on “Productivity in Education”, but the second Education Fast Forward global forum ended with near-consensus on a radical proposition: that, when it comes to maximizing the potential of students, schooling as we know it is well past its sell-by date.

Heavyweight Thinkers behind Education Fast Forward

A new "think tank" wants education to keep pace with social change and technology.