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Why Promethean?

Promethean passionately believes in transforming learning environments through the use of innovative classroom technology that motivates learning and improves student achievement. Our technology solutions produce a seamless interaction between teachers, students and the connected classroom. Learn More

Engaging and Interactive Presentations

Promethean ActivOffice is a software plug-in that incorporates the collaborative, interactive features of Promethean’s ActivInspire into PowerPoint® slide shows to create engaging presentations. Promethean ActivOffice tools are embedded into the Microsoft Office menu to provide a wide range of interactive functionality, from basic slide annotations to advanced opportunities for assessment with Promethean’s learner response systems.

Refresh existing presentations with interactive content that will captivate students’ imaginations and transform them from passive listeners to engaged participants. Reduce lesson preparation time by editing and saving slide annotations and notes for future use. Easily integrate questions within new and existing slides to conduct real-time assessments with Promethean learner response systems.

With Promethean ActivOffice’s integrated, interactive tools and a wealth of teaching resources available on Promethean Planet, you have all the tools you need to evolve PowerPoint® slides into individual, collaborative lessons.

Why Promethean ActivOffice?

Creates an engaging environment
Increases comprehension by adding two-way interactive, visual dimensions to course material.

Simplify lesson preparation and delivery
Promethean ActivOffice provides the tools you need to build upon what you already have created in PowerPoint®. Easily create more effective lessons with fully functional, user-friendly tools.

Integrate assessment
Enhance existing presentations by adding questions integrated with Promethean student response systems. Provides real-time feedback allowing you to gauge comprehension, adjust your lessons and reteach.

Key Features

  • Presentation Toolbar—Fully editable toolbar facilitates interactive, engaging presentations.
  • Assessment for Learning—Integrates seamlessly with Promethean learner response system devices to deliver real-time assessments.
  • Question Manager—Quickly create or import a variety of question types into presentations.
  • Annotation—Create notes directly in slides, edit and save for a later date without interrupting the presentation.
  • Results Importing/Exporting—Import audience responses and display them into PowerPoint®; export and send responses using integrated Microsoft Office tools.
  • Slide Show Toolbox—Includes pen, highlighter, math tools, revealer, spotlight, persistent annotations and Express Poll.

Download Promethean ActivOffice software.

Works with
ActiVote, ActivExpression2, ActivExpression, ActivEngage and all ActivBoard models; also works with third-party interactive displays. Note: Does not require an interactive display to function.

Operating Systems

View Promethean ActivOffice Specification Sheet for complete details.

Do I need to install ActivInspire to run Promethean ActivOffice?
Promethean ActivOffice is a standalone plug-in for PowerPoint® and does not require users to have ActivInspire installed.

Can I use Promethean ActivOffice simultaneously with ActivInspire?
Promethean ActivOffice cannot be used in conjunction with ActivInspire. You must close one program prior to opening the other program.

Can I use existing PowerPoint® slides with Promethean ActivOffice?
Yes, previously-created slides will be saved in the new PowerPoint®(.pptx) format.

Can I input previously-created question sets?
Yes, the Question Master allows users to import their own question sets and run them in self-paced mode.

Can I run a self-paced test using Promethean ActivOffice?
Yes, using Promethean’s new Question Manager you can easily create and manage question sets and run self-paced tests.

Download Promethean ActivOffice software.