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Why Promethean?

Promethean passionately believes in transforming learning environments through the use of innovative classroom technology that motivates learning and improves student achievement. Our technology solutions produce a seamless interaction between teachers, students and the connected classroom. Learn More

Create, connect, achieve.

Schools are faced with an ever-expanding array of educational devices and cloud based resources—tablets, iPads, interactive whiteboards, display panels, student response devices, cloud-based educational resources and more.

These technologies offer endless potential, but also raise certain questions. How can we make it easy for the teacher to orchestrate a lesson with these multiple technologies? How can we bring it all together to truly enhance learning?

Our answer is ClassFlow.

Why ClassFlow?

Connect with students to enhance engagement and interaction
ClassFlow unifies your classroom devices, making it easy to present each part of the lesson where it’s most effective and engaging, whether that be on the classroom display at the front of the room or students’ tablets or laptops. The device-agnostic design works with almost any operating system, tablet, laptop and interactive display. Students become active learners as teachers send lesson content directly to their devices for annotation or creative responses. Teachers can access students’ contributions in the moment, save them for later analysis, or share them with the class for peer-to-peer learning.

Connectivity isn’t limited to student devices. With the ClassFlow Teacher app, teachers can drive their lesson display from anywhere in the classroom using their tablet or smartphone. The “remote control” capability gives teachers the freedom to interact with their students and oversee their progress in person.

Differentiate instruction to ensure a whole class understanding
ClassFlow allows teachers to customize lesson content and assessment to ensure individual subject matter mastery. Teachers can send different levels of content to different learning groups and administer self-paced, leveled assessments including a broad range of interactive question types. They can get real time insight into student progress and learning. This insight lets teachers modify instruction and enhance personalization.

Simplify multi-media lesson creation and planning
Teachers can create multimedia lessons by searching and importing existing content such as webpages, SMART™ Notebook files, PDFs, Microsoft Word & PowerPoint™ docs, Promethean ActivInspire flipcharts, and video files from multiple sources all into one single application. The ClassFlow community also gives you access to lessons shared by other teachers. Create, modify and save interactive lessons in the cloud anytime, anywhere!

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ClassFlow offers the following features:

Lesson Builder

  • Import existing content from SMARTTM Notebook files, PDFs, Microsoft Word and PowerPointTM documents, Promethean ActivInspire flipcharts, video or image files all into one single application.
  • Search and import content from multiple sources - Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, external & local drives, and the web.
  • Explore and use shared lessons on ClassFlow community with the ability to make changes.

Device Flexibility

  • Allow students to engage in your multimedia lessons through a connected device such as a tablet or laptop with iOS, Android & Win 8 apps or via any web browser.
  • Works with most leading brands of classroom displays (interactive whiteboards, projectors, flat-panels etc).

Interactive Lesson Delivery

  • Share content with students on their personal devices in the presenter mode.
  • Allow students to participate in a wide variety of ways, including open-ended activities, such as graphs, photographs, and creative responses.
  • Access student contributions in real time and display those in front of the classroom.  


  • Organize students into collaborative learning groups and differentiate content.
  • Administer self-paced, leveled assessments.

Formative Assessment & Real-time feedback

  • Assess student learning through a broad range of interactive question types- text, multiple choice, creative response, equation, math, true/false, sort & order and many more.
  • Monitor real time feedback on the Live assessment screen.
  • Access and save assessment data for later analysis.

Single Sign on

  • Access ClassFlow using your Microsoft Office 365, Facebook or Google log-in credentials, or simply register using your email address and a few quick details.

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ClassFlow in Action

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ClassFlow Wins!

ClassFlow has been named Educators' Choice Award winner for the SIIA Innovation Incubator Program.

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ClassFlow™ Wins Tech & Learning ISTE Best of Show Award

Leading teacher tool ClassFlow earns top marks for quality, effectiveness, creative use of technology.

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