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Why Promethean?

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Drive Learning with Feedback

ActivExpression is an intuitive learner response system designed to promote full-class participation and engagement throughout lessons while facilitating ongoing, real-time feedback on student progress. Use ActivExpression during whole-class instruction to gauge students’ prior knowledge, assess their understanding as the lesson progresses or gain their insights into the topic at hand. Alternately, have students work and learn at their own pace and gather detailed data on their progress using ActivExpression’s self-paced mode.

With ActivExpression, transform the classroom into an interactive learning environment where the potential for achievement rests in the palm of every student’s hand.

Why ActivExpression?

Open a whole-classroom dialogue
ActivExpression encourages students to engage, interact with and contribute to lessons, resulting in stimulating discussions and lively, insightful debates.

Leverage feedback to drive teaching and learning
Assign full quizzes with questions of varying difficulty and enable students to respond at their own pace and receive instant feedback. Use detailed results data to provide just-in-time feedback and intervention for individuals or the class as a whole.

Enhance classroom efficiency
Active, hands-on participation increases student productivity while ongoing assessment decreases teacher time spent on lesson preparation and testing.

Key Features

  • Beyond multiple choice—QWERTY keyboard allows for complex responses including full sentences, numbers, symbols, equations, fractions, true/false, Likert scales and more.

  • Intuitive—Interface is designed with a simple, easy-to-use navigation and backlit screen.

  • Cost-effective—An entire classroom can be equipped for the price of a few tablet devices.

  • Easy for teachers—It's easy for teachers to control content and manage access to devices.

  • Flexible—The interface “floats” over most computer applications, including web browsers, Microsoft® Word® and Microsoft® Excel®, enabling teachers to use ActivExpression spontaneously, minimizing lesson preparation time.

  • Hassle-free for IT—The system does not require Wi-Fi access. Exceptional battery life will last for a full school year.


Works with
All ActivBoards; also works with 3rd-party interactive displays. Note: Does not require an interactive display to function.

100m, 328ft (free space)

Wirelessly with the ActivHub USB device

Operating Systems
See Specifications Sheet.

View ActivExpression2 Specification Sheet for complete details. 

What’s included with ActivExpression2?

  • 32 or 24 devices
  • ActivInspire Professional Edition DVD/Promethean ActivOffice
  • ActivHub with extension cable and holder
  • Carrying case
  • Screwdriver for battery removal

What languages does ActivExpression2 support?

English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Turkish, Kazakh, Russian, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese and Czech. Available languages dependent on variant.

Can I use ActivExpression and ActivExpression2 devices in the same voting session?

Yes, but note that only ActivExpression2 devices support the input or display of mathematical equations. This means that only ActivExpression2 devices can be used in any voting sessions with equation responses or in self-paced voting sessions with questions or responses including equations.

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