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Why Promethean?

Promethean passionately believes in transforming learning environments through the use of innovative classroom technology that motivates learning and improves student achievement. Our technology solutions produce a seamless interaction between teachers, students and the connected classroom. Learn More

Assessment & Student Response

In the days of old, it was primarily the teacher’s voice that was heard in the classroom. Today, we acknowledge that the key to an effective and engaging learning environment is that each student has a voice. Promethean’s suite of assessment and student response systems help educators ensure that each student’s voice is heard, mind is engaged and needs are met.

Whether delivered with our ActivEngage2 for tablets, other mobile devices and/or student computers or with hand-held ActivExpression or ActiVote devices, Promethean assessment and student response systems offer educators a simple and effective way to hear from every student, every day.

With Promethean's Assessment & Student Response Systems

Easily gain instant insight into how well the class grasps the lesson, and an on-the-spot understanding of what should be covered or reviewed next. Formative assessment has never been easier.

  • Boost classroom communication and discussion and provide every student the opportunity to confidently participate.
  • Reduce lesson preparation and grading time and focus on precious instructional time. Start a session on the spur of the moment or build it into your lesson.
  • Make assessment an easy, fun and immediately effective part of learning. With instant access to results, address any difficulties right away, ensuring that each learner achieves the lesson objectives.
  • Use the detailed data at your fingertips to intervene where needed, to identify students who are ready for a new challenge and to inform effective collaboration with parents, administrators and fellow teachers.

Which is right for you?

Keep it simple
With the six-button interface of ActiVote, find out in a flash how well students grasp the concept you’ve just taught—or the one you’re about to tackle.

Deeper conversation, differentiation
The powerful features of ActivExpression hand-held devices or ActivEngage2 (for tablets, mobile devices or computers) offer a wide variety of question and answer types, including the ability to assign full quizzes with questions of varying difficulty and enable pupils to respond at their own pace. ActivEngage2 can be used on most any computer, mobile device or tablet.

Product Comparison Chart





Grade Levels   
All Grades 

Question Types;


Multiple Choice

True / False and Yes / No


Likert Scale

Ad Hoc / Instant Polling

Rank Order


Open Ended


Multiple Correct


Confidence Checker


Question Manager


Question Templates

Mode of Operation   

Live Polling


Response Types   

Text and Character Responses


Numeric & Equation Responses


Letter Responses (A–F)

Report Options   

Anonymous Results

Named Results

Bar Graph and Pie Chart

Results Exported to Excel™


Works with Any Interactive Whiteboard or Interactive Flat-Panel Display


Revolutionary Learning Platform

Create lessons that connect all classroom devices to promote active participation and leverage real-time feedback.

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