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Why Promethean?

Promethean passionately believes in transforming learning environments through the use of innovative classroom technology that motivates learning and improves student achievement. Our technology solutions produce a seamless interaction between teachers, students and the connected classroom. Learn More

Versatile Precision

Interactive learning is a seamless, intuitive experience with Promethean’s ActivPen. Featuring the full functionality of a mouse, including cursor and click capabilities, the ActivPen allows you to hover over icons to review their functions and access helpful tools, making software quick and easy to learn. With the ActivPen, you can transform any computer operation into an interactive learning opportunity on the ActivBoard or ActivSlate. Drag and drop, highlight, open tools and applications, switch between pages and activate sounds and images. Highly accurate and precise, the ActivPen's mouse-like and pen-like functionality enables you to measure and mark on the ActivBoard to the millimeter or degree.

With ActivArena, leverage ActivInspire templates and ready-made activities specifically designed to facilitate collaborative learning. During ActivArena-powered lessons, students solve problems together, building confidence while developing effective, lasting communication skills.

ActivPen is included with all ActivBoards and with ActivSlate.

ActivArena dual-user functionality is included with ActivBoard 300 Pro and ActivBoard 500 Pro. It is available as an upgrade for previous versions of ActivBoards and for ActivBoard 100 and 300.

ActivBoard 500 Pro features both ActivPen and intuitive touch functionality.


  • Ergonomic design for ease of handling and interaction
  • Intuitive to use for writing and annotation
  • No charging or battery pack needed

Works with
Works with all current ActivBoards and ActivSlates; does not work with third party products.  A different version of ActivPen and ActivArena is available for previous versions of ActivBoards and ActivSlates.  If you need help getting in touch to determine which version you require or to order, please click on "Contact Promethean" to the right.

Wireless, battery-free

167mm x 20mm x 23mm (6.57 in x .79 in x .91)

25g (0.9oz)

Is the ActivPen just used for writing?
No, the ActivPen also provides full mouse-like functionality, including right-click, hover and roll-over capabilities.

I need a replacement ActivPen, but mine if different than those pictured.  How can I get a replacement?
The ActivPens pictured here work with all current ActivBoards and ActivSlates. ActivPens and ActivArena are available for previous versions of ActivBoards and ActivSlates. You may contact your local reseller for more information or click on "Contact Promethean" to the right.

I have an older ActivBoard, and I'd like to have dual-user functionality.  How can I get ActivArena?   
ActivArena is available as a simple upgrade to most models of ActivBoard. You may contact your local reseller for more information or click on "Contact Promethean" to the right.