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Why Promethean?

At Promethean, we understand that every school is unique and faces different challenges. One size doesn't fit all. As a global leader of interactive technology in education, Promethean develops technology that transforms learning, helps make life easier in the classroom and improves student performance.  Learn More

Other Products

Whether by ensuring that the ActivBoard is within reach of all students, or by allowing for interactivity from any corner of the classroom, Promethean's interactive tools are designed to help you maximize the full potential of any lesson.

With Promethean’s Tools

  • Don’t turn your back on the audience—control the ActivBoard from anywhere in the class with ActivSlate.
  • With ActivWand, ensure that ensuring students of all sizes and abilities can experience the magic of interactive learning on the ActivBoard
  • Offer increased opportunities for hands-on teacher guidance, collaboration and peer-to-peer learning with the dual-user functionality of ActivArena.

Which is right for me?

Interactivity from anywhere in the classroom
The ability to monitor progress, move around the floor space and even pass control of the ActivBoard is key for any teacher. With ActivSlate, you can control the lesson from within 100m or 328ft of free space, perfect for audience participation and active involvement.

Extended reach, accessibility at the ActivBoard
The ActivWand provides an extra 21 inches of reach and performs all of the functions of a mouse or ActivPen, with the click of a big button. Perfect for grasping and reaching while standing at the ActivBoard, or even based from a wheelchair.

ActivPen times two
ActivArena dual-user functionality can be added to existing ActivBoards to facilitate collaboration by allowing two users to simultaneously interact anywhere on the ActivBoard with two ActivPens.