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Why Promethean?

At Promethean, we understand that every school is unique and faces different challenges. One size doesn't fit all. As a global leader of interactive technology in education, Promethean develops technology that transforms learning, helps make life easier in the classroom and improves student performance.  Learn More


While student achievement is the ultimate goal, it is only with empowered educators and effective, informed instructional practice that it can be accomplished. Promethean is eager to partner with you to learn and progress toward that goal together.  

Teacher Effectiveness

Provide educators with the tools, skills and resources needed to make the most of their time and energy.

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Student Achievement

Accelerate and deepen student understanding through personalization, collaboration, engaging instruction and formative assessment.

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Personalized Learning

Leave behind the traditional, one-size-fits-all approach to teaching and embrace a differentiated approach that adjusts content and instruction to ensure every student’s voice is heard.

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Collaborative Learning

Encourage project-based activities where students interact and collaborate, sharing knowledge and working toward a common goal.

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Assessment for Learning

Capture meaningful data about learning and use it to improve individual—and system-wide—performance. 

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